General remarks

Triplo is suitable for French fries and for fresh market. This early variety produces oval, big tubers. The skin colour is yellow and the flesh colour light yellow. The cooking type is AB and there is hardly any after cooking discoloration. The dry matter content is about 20,2%. Good resistance to blight and a good overall disease resistance make Triplo very suitable for organic production.



Seed treatment

Triplo has a rather long dormancy. Pre-sprouting would stimulate early crop production, however Triplo can also be planted with small white sprouts. When Triplo has broken the dormancy, the sprout development is rapid. It is recommended to remove the apical sprouts.


This variety is suitable for all soil types. Triplo has the tendency to grow rather high in the ridge. To avoid tuber greening it is recommended to plant deeper than usual. Seed should be planted closer together than usual. Triplo will emerge quickly and the foliage will give good ground cover. Triplo is somewhat sensitive to Sencor.


Fertiliser requirements are less than for Spunta. Using less Nitrogen will increase the dry matter content and help reduce the risk of mechanical damage. Also this will allow earlier crop maturity.


Triplo is hardly susceptible to internal bruising and mechanical damages. Providing tubers are lifted with care, harvest should not cause problems.


The dormancy is rather long, but when Triplo has broken the dormancy, germination is rapid. This may cause some problems during storage in traditional stores. However Triplo can be stored long term in cold stores.

Resistance to diseases

Triplo is resistant to potato cyst nematodes (Ro1+Ro4) and to wart disease, race 1. Rather susceptible to common scab. The resistance to leaf blight is good and for tuber blight very well. Triplo has a high resistance to Fusarium (dry rot).